Australian Football a No-Go at Al Lang Stadium


Australian football won’t be coming to Al Lang next year after all. The St Petersburg Starfish, of the United States Australian Football League, officially changed its name to the Tampa Bay Starfish earlier today. Along with the name change comes the news that the team will now play its inaugural season next year at Plan City Stadium.

It was always unlikely that the Starfish would play at Al Lang next considering the organization struck its deal to play at the venue earlier in the year when the now ousted St Petersburg Baseball Commission was still in control. Bill Edwards and his management entity Big 3 Entertainment were likely hesitant to carry over the deal because of the presumable headache that switching the field from Australian football and soccer during the NASL season would bring.

The recent deal for Edwards to take over management of Al Lang though, still requires him to host at least 10 non-soccer events during the calendar year. What sort of events would fans be content with? Are there any sports, either professional or amateur, that you would be comfortable seeing at Al Lang? Or would you prefer that Bill Edwards instead focus on concerts and other non-sporting events to avoid disturbing the field for the Rowdies? Let us know.

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