Rowdies Implode in San Antonio

The San Antonio Scorpions are not 7-0 better than the Tamp Bay Rowdies. No team in the league is 7 goals better than the Rowdies. In fact, no NASL team is 7 goals better than any other team in the league. Of course that doesn’t meant it can’t happen like it did for the Rowdies […]


Coastal Cup Finale Preview

The legendary Rodney Marsh has a message for all the Rowdies doubters. The Rowdies might currently be down, but they’re certainly not out yet. And most importantly, they’re still our Rowdies and they need our unwavering support as they try to right the ship. Saturday night’s Coastal Cup finale may be the most important game […]


Inception of the Rowdies-Strikers Rivalry

After exhaustive research (google) the Unused Substitutes have unearthed a preview that ran in the, at the time, St. Petersburg Times the day of the first official game between the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Fort Lauderdale Strikers on May 7,1977.The original NASL Strikers started out as the Miami Gatos in 1972. In 1973 they re-branded […]