So much renovation going on around here the last few days, you’d think Bill Edwards took over management of our site

The biggest thing is that our little podcast is now available on the iTunes Store. It doesn’t include all episodes, just from episode 13 onwards. All previous episodes are available here on the site. If you’d like to subscribe to us via iTunes, please visit:

If iTunes isn’t your thing, you can also find every episode from 13 onwards on the Soundcloud site & app. To add us there, please visit:

If you just want the regular RSS feed for whatever other method you use, you can keep using: but that also only is for episode 13 onwards. Earlier episodes can be downloaded/listened to from their individual posts on this site.

We’ve also added some stuff to the site that I hope you all will like. Comments will be turned on for future posts, starting with this one, I suppose. You can also Like and/or Tweet individual posts as well. In order to comment, you have to register on the site. We’re also adding Forums, because what’s the worst that could happen? You also need to register in order to use the Forums, which can be found from the menu bar at the top of the site.

We’re still in the process of tinkering with some things and the design, so something might break or look really weird over the next few days – give us a shout if it doesn’t get fixed quickly, and thanks for giving us a listen and/or a read!

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