Episode 253: Together Unsubs

Patron Producer: Jeff Hernden

For the first time in a long time, the guys are together, at an undisclosed locati☘n! They talk about the 1:1 draw in Birmingham, ponder the difference that Malik Johnson will make when he’s fully fit, whether Lucky should be a starter or a super sub, and address rumors of a roster addition. The current state of Group H is reviewed, including the effect of the ATL2-Miami game taking place during the show. Group G (the group that would produce the Rowdies potential first round playoff opponent) gets a once-over, as well as some other notable games from the East. We preview Friday’s matchup against Charleston (hint, keep someone on Zeiko Lewis!), talk about other important upcoming Eastern Conference games, and Stephen talks about the eUSL tournament and his first foray into streaming with Rowdies Gaming

Rest in Peace, Kristi Morgan.

Matthew Cox
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