Great38’s Halftime Interview with Rowdies GM Perry Van der Beck


The Rowdies haven’t won a game since August 30th. The have conceded 15 goals while scoring only 6 goals in that stretch. A run of form that poor is bound to raise a lot of questions. During halftime of the 3-2 loss to Minnesota Rowdies General Manager Perry Van der Beck did a quick interview with Rowdies broadcaster Jim Henderson and tried to address some of the issues. Van der Beck seems to imply some of the issues stem from injuries and not finding the right combination of players. Let us know if you have any thoughts on his answers!

JH: It’s been kind of a tough year obviously, and I know that Ricky has really struggled to try and find that right combination up top. And I guess I can look at it and say a lot of guys are getting opportunities this year, but boy it’s just been tough to find those guys that are going to be the players that you want to have score goals for you.

PVdB: Yeah it has been interesting this year because, again whether it be you know Ricky trying different players up top, or because some of the players are just injured, or just you know it’s not working out. So you know we’ve had some different combinations. Again it’s not easy. I know the guys are working hard, giving their best effort and those are just things that hurt. We’re gonna see here throughout the end of the season obviously what works.

JH: Well we know you played a long time before becoming a general manager. It’s good to have consistency though where you can put down eleven guys and say okay go get it.

PVdB: Yeah I mean that’s what every coach wants, is consistency. Consistency with the players that he has. Consistency in your play throughout, you know offense and defense. But it doesn’t always happen that way. You know again, maybe sometimes the forwards aren’t working, or defenders are out with injury or through suspensions. So again, Ricky’s you know used mostly all the players this year because of that situation. So that’s something that has really come into play this year, but the guys are working hard and obviously we’ve got now until the end of the season to see if we can work something out.

JH: Well I would think just all the guys getting the opportunities here, I would think that’s going to bode well for the future.

PVdB: It is. You know like I’ve said, I think we’ve got a very good nucleus of players here, and again you know we’ve had some good chances. There’s been a couple games we’ve lost by close scores and other games haven’t gone so well. But as long as the effort’s there and guys are trying, I mean what more can you ask for?

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